Toners, Scrubs, Hydrators and Eye Creams

To wrap up our discussion on skincare, I will go over some products that are only used for patients who have a specific skincare need.


In the past, toners were typically an astringent that smelled and felt good, but contributed little to skincare. Today, a toner is used primarily for one of two reasons.

First – as a calming agent for those with sensitive skin. Sensitive or fragile skin can develop redness, dryness and irritation. For patients with this issue, it is helpful to use a calming toner like ZO® Balatone.

The second reason to use a toner is to adjust the pH of skin after cleansing. This is the case with Obagi® Toner. Adjusting the pH helps the other products penetrate and work more effectively.

Your skincare specialist can help you determine if you need to use a toner.

Facial Scrub

Some people enjoy the sensation of a particulate scrub and the smooth feeling produced by exfoliation. It is an optional form of exfoliation for those who want a micro abrasive product in their home care program. This should not be substituted for an acid exfoliant but can be added for additional exfoliation. Scrubs should not be used more than twice a week and should be avoided by those with sensitive skin types.


With age, the outer layer of the skin thickens and is more prone to dryness. Moisturizers are used to block evaporation and water loss from the skin, but do not hydrate the skin. Recent technology has produced products that have, in addition to emollients, compounds which cause increased water delivery to the skin from the capillaries within. These hydrators can be used, as needed, for dry skin and are superior to moisturizers.

Eye Cream

The eyelid skin is thin and fragile. It is subjected to intense movement with smiling, squinting and eye motion, which results in fine lines and wrinkles. These can be moderated with topicals formulated for the eyelid skin. Obagi® Elastiderm increases elastin, the “stretchy” molecules of the skin. I recommend alternating Elastiderm and ZO® Intense Eye Repair, which uses peptides and retinal to boost collagen.Categories

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