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One of the newest topics in aesthetics is feminine rejuvenation. So what is all the buzz about?

Since history began, women have suffered from the traumatic effects of childbirth. Having a baby can damage the pelvic floor causing urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating, having a bowel movement, and decreased sexual satisfaction.

In the past 20 years, it has become common practice to shave or laser the hair of the perineum so now laxity, which was once hidden by hair, is now obvious. This has raised a new concern for many women.

All of these unwanted signs and symptoms of aging have caused women to seek help from their doctor. For functional problems caused by pelvic floor dysfunction, various treatments from Kegel exercise to surgery have been employed with varying degrees of success. Surgery was also the only treatment for sagging skin of the external genitalia. In recent years, it was observed that facial skin could be tightened by non-surgical technology which caused a thermal change to the deep layers of the skin. When these technologies were applied to the external vagina, it was found to be even more effective than when applied to facial skin. When treatment was applied inside the vagina, the tightening effect was produced, but several other surprising and unexpected benefits were seen. There was resolution or improvement of stress incontinence. Post-menopausal patients with dry, fragile vaginal mucosa saw strengthening of the mucosa and return of secretion, even without taking hormones. Sensation of the clitoral area improved and sexual satisfaction increased.

These new devices have decreased the need for vaginal or pelvic surgery. It is possible that non-surgical treatments will soon be the treatment of choice, except for the more severe cases.

At this time there are 3 types of non-surgical treatment available: Radio Frequency, Laser, and Broad Band Light. All 3 treatments cause a thermal change in the tissue which is known to cause increased collagen and tightening. It is thought that some wavelengths may work better than others at producing these effects, but all seem to produce favorable effects. Research is ongoing to prove which technology is actually the best. FDA clearance for specific gynecological and urological treatments is pending so for now all treatments are “off label”.

In the next section, I will discuss why I chose ThermiVA for Feminine Rejuvenation at Pure Radiance.

Mack Stewart, M.D.


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