Others Promise. Obagi Delivers.

The key to restoring younger, healthier-looking skin is at your fingertips. Obagi Medical offers transformation systems, targeted solutions, and essential products to help improve the way your skin looks, acts, and feels.
There are 4 phases to skin transformation and depending on your skin’s response to the treatment, each phase may last anywhere from 1 week to several weeks.

  • Phase 1: Remove—penetration below the surface of the skin to correct signs of aging and acne flares.
  • Phase 2: Restart—skin produces normal, healthy cells.
  • Phase 3: Refresh—skin cells are in the process of transformation and your skin is becoming clearer, firmer, and naturally hydrated.
  • Phase 4: Restore—continued results with proper maintenance.

Obagi has an Industry Leading History

Created by an industry leader in skin healthy, Obagi Medical has launched a number of great products over the years, all of which are designed to heal problem skin and enhance beauty at every turn. Each prescription-strength formula is carefully created to meet your needs, as they tackle skin problems at the deepest cellular level.

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