Core 4

Core 4

Every day I get the question, “What can I do to look younger?” We are very fortunate today to have an abundance of choices for improving our skin and fighting the changes of father time. There are so many treatments available that it can be confusing. To help you understand how to approach our goal of looking our best, I have put together what I call our, “Core 4”.  These are 4 treatments that will benefit everyone over 40. They are easy, with no extended down time.

The first is medical grade skin care. These are creams applied at home that contain stronger and more active ingredients than retail skin care. Daily use of these products produces a healthier skin that will respond better to other treatments. Therefore, it is the foundation of our Core 4.

Second of our Core 4 is Botox. This is the best choice to smooth and decrease wrinkles of motion like frown, forehead, and crow’s lines.

Third is treatment of volume loss with dermal fillers. We all lose volume in our face with age. Fillers replace that volume giving a more youthful appearance to the cheeks, temples, around the mouth, and other areas of the face.

The fourth and perhaps most exciting of our Core 4 is the BBL (Broad Band Light). BBL has been shown to actually slow aging of the skin. In addition, it improves complexion and texture of the skin. Like the other Core 4 treatments, BBL is an easy no down time treatment that can be done during an off period and return to work that same day.

I invite you to read our other Blogs where I go into more detail about each of these Core 4 treatments.

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