Skin Specific Products

Now that we have covered the basics of skincare in the previous blogs, let’s talk about some products in a class I call skin specific. These are products not everyone needs, but will benefit people with specific concerns. In the next few blogs, I will discuss pigment modulators, toners, scrubs, hydrators and eye cream.

Pigment Modulators

We all develop blotchy pigmentation with age. This is a result of cumulative sun damage, starting as an infant and building every year after. We all remember a severe sunburn from a beach or lake trip, but did you know that every time we went outside, our skin sustained micro-damage that has been accumulating all of our life. As a young adult, we start seeing an uneven, blotchy pigmentation (dyspigmentation) and sometimes obvious sunspots. There are several office procedures to reduce abnormal pigmentation such as chemical peels, photofacials and micro peels. To complete the improvement and prolong the results, we must incorporate a class of skincare that calms overactive melanocytes. I call those creams pigment modulators. There are many non-prescription compounds which help calm rogue pigment production at different steps of pigment production. For milder cases of dyspigmentation, we use Obagi Clear FX and Obagi Blender FX. For moderate and more severe cases, we use ZO Brightenex. The most potent product for dyspigmentation is hydroquinone (a prescription product in Texas). Prescription strength hydroquinone is extremely effective but should not be used continuously. Long term, continuous, use is potentially harmful, so I recommend cycling hydroquinone with non-hydroquinone products for the most effective and safe way to have an even colored, youthful skin. A skin care specialist at Pure Radiance can help you design a plan of action.

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