Acid Exfoliation

Exfoliation has forever been known to benefit skin health. In the office, we use chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser for exfoliation. It is good to incorporate an acid exfoliant into your homecare. These range from mild to strong. The product is typically applied in the morning after your antioxidant (see previous blog). These acids are formulated to gently remove a thin layer of the dead cells on your skin like removing a sheet off a bed.

Dead cells absorb light and give the skin a dull appearance.  Acid exfoliation decreases the dead cells and brightens the skin. In addition, cell turnover is increased by the exfoliation, further improving cellular renewal.

At Pure Radiance, we have a mild exfoliant for sensitive skin, which contains phytic acid. For normal or oily skin, I like a combination of lactic and glycolic acids.

See one of our skin care specialists to find which acid exfoliant is best for you.

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