Family Rest and Relaxation

Family Rest and Relaxation

Today, I thought I would deviate from med spa talk and do something different. Some of you know my Dad recently passed away. As I reflected on my life with him, I was reminded of how he made family recreation a big part of our life. I think this contributed greatly to our family closeness and love that carries on today with my siblings and their families.

Over 20 years ago my Dad introduced me and my young family to a little known place not far from Tyler called, Salmon Lake Park. My young children loved going, and because it is only 1 ½ hours away, it was an easy overnight trip. The park is located just out of Grapeland which is south east of Palestine. You know you have arrived when it seems you just traveled back in time as you pass old structures and vehicles of the past. After checking in at the front gate you will drive through a large range complete with cattle and an old runway that welcomes pilots who dare land on a dirt runway. Next, you arrive to a scene from the Little Rascals era. Quaint cottages of different types are scattered around a bonafide swimming hole. An old west town, complete with salon and board walk, as well as a small scale train track winding through the woods await exploration. Several pavilions are available for large groups. If your family reunion wants to stay the night, just rent the Salon, Hotel, and cafe which can house the largest of gatherings. For those who want the adventure of “roughing it “, try the tree house.

If you’re looking for something to get your family away from the stress of modern technology, go to for information and directions, then find some good ghost stories to tell around your campfire. I can promise a weekend at Salmon Lake will do more for your family than Sixflags. Have fun.

Mack Stewart M.D.

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