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Research shows many people are troubled by under chin fat. Reducing this fat makes women appear thinner and gives men a stronger more masculine jawline. Kybella was developed for this purpose.

Kybella is a non-surgical treatment for submental (under the chin) fat. Kybella treatment is the results of nine years of study on over three thousand treatments using tiny injections into the unwanted fat. The product naturally kills the fat so the result is permanent. Kybella is a bio-identical compound called deoxycholate. Your body makes this compound and uses it to break down fat. When small concentrated amounts of deoxycholate are injected into the double chin area, a customized contouring is accomplished by killing unwanted fat cells.

The injections are done with a tiny needle so pain is minimal. The doctor is guided by a template developed in the studies to get the best results. Afterwards, as the fat cells die, patients describe a burning sensation that is easily controlled with Advil and cool compress. Swelling is expected since an inflammatory process is required to remove the dead fat. Fat reduction can continue for up to eight weeks so treatments are spaced six to eight weeks apart to allow complete removal of the destroyed fat. Multiple treatments are necessary. The amount of fat to be removed determines how many treatments are required. In general, four to six treatments can be expected.

Most common complications are swelling, mild discomfort, and bruising from the injections. Rarely a nerve which goes to the mouth area can be temporarily affected. The chance of this complication is significantly reduced by the injection template developed in the Kybella studies.

Alternative treatments are surgery and cool sculpting.

For people desiring the reduction of under chin neck-fat, Kybella is an excellent non-surgical option with a proven effectiveness. See one of our staff to determine if you are a candidate for Kybella.

Mack Stewart, M.D.

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