Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are used for adding or replacing volume to the facial structures. Some of the more well-known fillers are Juvederm, Restalyne, and Radiesse. Over the past 10 years there has been technological advances in fillers leading to more areas we can treat, longer lasting results, and a more natural appearance. Despite abundant marketing, the public is still poorly informed about what dermal fillers can do.

First, let me review why there is a need for fillers. As we age, there is significant volume loss in the face. The natural fat pads diminish, the skin thins, and even the bony framework of the face shrinks. The result is an overall deflation of the face which translates as looking older. For most of us, the signs are first noticed around the mouth and lower face. With time, deflation is obvious in the cheeks, around the eyes, and finally the upper face in the temples and over the brows. Fillers are used to add subtle volume back to these areas giving an immediate more youthful appearance. Two studies have shown continued use of fillers in the cheeks promoted improvement of the lower face volume and skin texture. This is thought to be a result of stem cell stimulation.

At Pure Radiance we use over ten different fillers. Each one has specific properties making it preferable for a specific treatment. For example, Voluma is extraordinary for replacing volume in the cheeks but would not work well at all for the fine lines around the mouth. Restalyne Silk is perfect to soften lines around the mouth but would do nothing to improve aging in the hands. Radiesse not only restores volume in the hands, but it also hides the blue veins that begin to show in the hands with age.

Now let’s review some areas where fillers are useful. Everyone is familiar with lip filler which has a poor reputation of creating an unnatural look. It is important to understand that lip deflation occurs in the early 40’s and can be restored with a completely natural look that no one would suspect is lip filler. In other words, lip augmentation does not have to be big but can be very subtle and normal appearing.

Deep filler benefits the peri-oral area (around the mouth) to soften the marionette lines and lift the down turning of the mouth corners. By treating the jaw line, jowls can be minimized. Superficial fillers can soften the smile creases and “smokers lines” around the lips.

For the mid face, fillers are used to soften the nasolabial fold, restore the fullness of the feminine cheek line, and correct the hollowness of the eye and tear trough.

In the upper face, temporal volume loss creates the “peanut head” with concavity of the temporal area. This is easy to correct. The fat pad in the brow area also shrinks with age and should not be ignored. Just a small amount of filler in this area produces a subtle but much more youthful look.

Sometimes fillers are used to sculpt an area rather than replace volume. This is particularly helpful for the nose or depressed scars. The “5 minute nose job” is very rewarding for those who are bothered by the shape of their nose.

Today’s fillers are truly amazing in their versatility, appearance, and longevity. At Pure Radiance, fillers are part of the Core Four treatments everyone over forty years old should consider to look their best. For a better understanding of how dermal fillers can help you, arrange a consultation with one of our staff.

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