For patients with severe acne that is not controlled with traditional approaches, I am a big fan of “low dose” or “baby dose” Accutane. The reduced dose protocol has been shown to be effective and much safer than traditional dosing.

Accutane is an oral form of vitamin A. It is taken once daily and improves acne for almost everyone who takes it. After finishing a 4-6 month course of Accutane, about 50% of patients never need to do anything else for acne. They are cured!

All patients must use strict birth control, because even low dose Accutane will cause severe birth defects. Sun sensitivity and alcohol sensitivity are common while taking Accutane. Dry skin is not uncommon, but other side effects are extremely rare. Certain medications can react with Accutane so before taking any other prescription medication, verify with your doctor that it is safe to use with Accutane.

The use of Accutane is heavily regulated. The female patient must use 2 forms of birth control and have a pregnancy test done each month. All patients must see their doctor each month for a new 30 day prescription and go on the computer to agree to the medication requirements such as not donating blood and not getting pregnant.

Although it is a bit of a hassle, there is nothing that matches the effectiveness of Accutane for problem acne. If you think this treatment may be what you need, make an appointment for an evaluation at Pure Radiance.

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